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Stick to your knitting madam

Sarah Duncan Knitwear - SDK - 01225 333730 -

If you are in the market for mumsy knitwear in Bath, might I respectfully suggest that you steer clear of this particular shop? The owner, as can be seen here, is a nasty piece of work. That she is a spectacularly bad, selfish and inconsiderate parker is bad enough but would not rate a mention. She is also however an outright opponent of civil liberties who claims to believe it's illegal to film anyone without their consent. How does she think the BBC films street scenes? Or maybe it's just her consent that's required? Or that of her loutish husband?

When a passer-by films the jam she's caused by parking her car so badly, she first demands he hand over his camera phone and then pursues him, threatening to perjure herself by making a false accusation of assault. And so it goes on, with her husband intervening aggressively;


"Who the **** do you think you are?"

she asks. I wish the guy filming had had the presence of mind to answer "a free man in a public place, who do you think you are?"

"I want to know who you are and where you live"

she continues. Well we don't want to know where you live, madam. You are welcome to your privacy. We are glad we know where your business is though; the better to avoid lining the pockets of such a disgrace to a free nation.

These people have no grasp of the notion of liberty. Yes, they are only 'little people' running a tiny business. They don't matter very much and ordinarily I would wish them the best. However, while they are clearly less important than the politicians constantly chipping away our freedom, they represent the despicable  "forbidden until authorised by law" mentality to which those politicians pander.

h/t Tim Worstall


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Given her despicable behavior I for one would never wish to visit her place of business. As an Irish lady I am embarrassed by this crass, ignorant, angry, self entitled, bullying Irish woman. She and her equally abusive husband should both have been arrested for harassment, and I sincerely hope she was given a large parking ticket for blocking a main road. Is she really that naive to think she can legally hold up a main thoroughfare simply because she is a business owner? Yes, perhaps we was having a bad day, but that is no excuse for her total disrespect. One hopes she has learnt a tough life lesson from her sad outburst and is now humbled from the experience. Sarah, if you read this, three words "Anger Management Class'!


Whilst I completely and wholeheartedly agree with many of the sentiments above with regards to the loutish, selfish and sadly unsurprising nature of this delightful couple's behaviour, I have experience of the likes of this newly formed strata of modern society. They are an arrogant unpleasant group who live in their own self perpetuating bubble of disdain for the 'small' people that they have to endure in their daily lives. The likes of the shop assistants, the window cleaner, the tradesman, without whom they couldn't actually function, but upon whom they heap sarcasm, rudeness and ridicule. As a plumber in Hampshire I come across them constantly.....almost daily, and not only do I choose not to deal with them, I warn other trades in the area of such folk. Hopefully it'll help make their daily lives just that little bit more difficult and they might even consider moving out of the area when it becomes impossible to keep warm, or take a bath!


They say all publicity is good publicity. Hopefully not for this appalling ignorant and selfish woman and the things she trails around with her ... her husband?


Yeah you should totally get in touch with the papers about this - more people may come forward with similar stories!


Funilly enough she is one of these people who think they are royalty i have a £60,000 Mercedes CLS and i parked it just up the road from her shop unknowingly she was behind me in the traffic as i reversed into the space she stormed out of her car and said i cant park there it is reserved for her i said to her i dont see no reservation sighns and you cant reserve a public road and i just laughed at her and told her to feck off lol


Please feel free to get of the fence William! haha I agree wholeheartedly :)


Jeez, that's appalling!!


By the way, if Sarah the wench didn't want her assault on this gentleman to be recorded, she could have walked away at any point. What's worse is the video clearly shows that there was room for her to park illegally in that particular place without blocking the lane. I don't it was the illegal parking that upset the cameraman in the first instance, rather, it was the fact this it also blocked a lane. I'm sorry, but she forfeits any sympathy regarding her civil liberties by trampling over everyone elses.


The camera man was not filming the wench. He videotaped her car. She only appears in the video after trying to intimidate him and take his camera phone away and then only by fluke and from a strange angle. He clearly was not trying to videotape her, rather, her extremely bad parking job, which choked a busy road down to one passable lane. She is a cad.

Ross Sully

I too have seen the “YouTube Sarah Duncan promotional video” and agree with the other posters here, she and her aggressive husband strike me as truly repulsive individuals.
I hope you both learn from this sad episode and change your ways soon Mr & Mrs Duncan.
P.S. Have you considered using public transport at all Sarah? I don’t think driving is for you.


Nonsense on stilts. You clearly don't have the slightest understanding of the word liberty. If you are in public, you are in public and you can be looked at, photographed or filmed. Are we primitive tribesmen who feel we are going to lose our souls to the magic box?

If she thinks it is (or should be) illegal to film in a public place, she's an outright opponent of civil liberties. As for threatening to make a false allegation of assault in order to get the cameraman in trouble with the police - what is that if not an assault on liberty? It's also a crime (if she acts on the threat). And it seems from news reports that she has filed a complaint against a mild-mannered, polite man whose only 'crime' was to refuse to submit to her threats and demands.

If you think my polite paragraphs amount to "a brutal tirade", I congratulate you on the gentle, sheltered life you live. Are you by some chance in a nunnery?

Ahh phoey...

I'm sorry Suzanne but after virtualy blocking off what looked to be quite a busy street, then (and her husband) chasing after him, verbally abusing him and then threatening to make false allegations to the're still taking her side? She doesnt deserve to be flamed in the manner she probably will be but make no mistake, she acted like an utter arse.


It strikes me as extraordinary that you don't consider your attack on her as an infringement of Ms Duncan's own civil liberties. She parked inconsiderately, sure, though I don't expect she imagined she'd cause a traffic jam when she did it.

But before throwing stones, let's be honest. Haven't most of us done that from time to time for a few minutes? And we don't expect to find ourselves filmed by strangers when we hurriedly return to our vehicle. Sure, she reacted angrily, but wouldn't you have been a teensy weensy bit irked if you found yourself being filmed? Her mistake was following the guy for several minutes in the heat of the moment, but she was rightfully upset.

Can you live with yourself, knowing that you're castigating a woman who was clearly having a bad day (we all have them sometimes) by publishing a brutal tirade that is contributing to ruining her livelihood? Anyone who is self-righteously vicious to another individual they don't even know – and names and judges them online - is equally despicable. You should be thoroughly ashamed. She's not an 'outright opponent of civil liberties' because she understandably resented being filmed - in fact the guy who filmed her denied her the liberty of refusing it. And no, I have never met her.

William Brown

Sarah Duncan knitwear - what a thoroughly disgusting dog of a woman. I hope her business is ruined because of her vile attitude and that of her nasty little runt of a husband.

Stupid bitch.


Bath is very cliquey and has its fair share of reactionary conservatives as well as Guardian readers. However, this pair are not typical Bathonians. If you listen to their accents they are not from Bath and don't even sound English.


Clearly this rude, arrogant woman and her idiot husband are finding out the lie to the saying "there is no such thing as bad publicity". What a moronic principle..."its illegal to film...etc", should it not be "its morally bankrupt to attempt to intimidate people just because you have been caught out and showed up to be the arse that you are madam". I hope your product is better than your PR !

Micro G

The guy who filmed this deserves a medal. Also, thank you for bringing this to our attention Tim. This is citizen journalism at it's best.


Boycott! what a pair of imbeciles!


Yes.. And stop and take pictures of the store also tee-hee ^_^.

I do wonder how many of their customers read blogs or am I being Knitist? ^_^


Bath is a beautiful place.. Most of the 'Bathians?' 'Bathites?' 'Bathers?' I ever met seemed ordinary enough.


I moved to Bath 'temporarily' in 1989, and never left – not least because I find it far from unfriendly. It is, for example, the only place I've ever lived where everyone says 'thank you' to the driver when they get off the bus – not a habit I found prevalent when I lived in London or the Midlands. I wonder what has so rattled your cage about Bath as to make you consider this offensive couple 'typical' of the city?

Not Sure

Now that website is awesome!

I would of told the two to go hump a goat.


It is lovely but don't bring your car, the traffic is a bitch....


What awful, awful people


The video is also on

Anti-knitwear Radical

But they are actually quite typical of Bath, aren't they? It is a deeply unfriendly, NIMBY and conservative place. About time this aspect of its civic shame was wiped away...

Anti-knitwear Radical

Not true:

Avinash Persaud

She and her husband are a horrid advertisement for Bath. The only way to get it through their heads that they were completely wrong is for their business to be affected. Don't patronise their store!!


Everyone should boycott SDK Knitwear.


This is brilliant, you should get in touch with the papers that have covered it (Guardian, Telegraph).
I'm sure they'd love to hear that these psychopaths have form! Go for it.


Finally these 2 have had their comeuppance! A year ago I was talking to my boyfriend outside their shop (clearly a crime) the husband then told me and him to 'Get away, we've only just had it repainted' So I felt the windowsill to see if I had paint on me - the wife then shouted to me that I was a 'Cheap little tart'. The husband then followed me round the corner and put his face right up to mine - if I had been alone I think he would have been ten times worse - he is a nasty piece of work and Im so happy that they have finally been seen for what they are. I hope they go bankrupt.


Forbidden until authorised. I absolutely agree that the UK is getting more and more this way. But that is not really the issue.

I figure the woman is only worried and annoyed about having the privacy to inconvienience many others and maybe commit parking offenses without there being any comeback, no proof of it.

Basically she just wants to take down a witness.


Thanks! I have replaced the private one with the other.

Jess F-T

This link is still working:

Henry Crun

Video is now marked as private and it can't be viewed.


I might come. I could be amusing, I have never been to Bath and I am told it's nice and I am looking for reasons for a run out in my new car.


I wonder what will happen if people do organise a flash mob and go and stand outside her shop all waving mobile phones. There's talk of it all round Bath.


I can't understand why everyone was being so patient and 'nice' about it. She is so ignorant and self serving and should have been reported to the police. Once again the 'tyranny of nice' rears it's ineffectual head.

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