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British politics explained

Prodicus: 'In place of strife - Unite!' Mrs Dromey announces her candidacy.

Prodicus is on form. Do read the whole thing, but here's the nub of his thesis:

So, to recap, the deputy leader of the Labour Party is sleeping with the Hon. Treasurer of the Party who is a big cheese in Unite the Union which pays the Labour Party's bills by arrangement with, er, the Hon. Treasurer of the Labour Party which, by the will of its Leader, abusing his office as our (temporary) Prime Minister, gives lots of taxpayers' money (through its 'union modernisation fund') to, er, Unite the Union without whose support the Labour Party would be bankrupt and, er, out of business.

Now you are an expert.

Even the Guardian is laughing at him

Downing Street website petition asks Gordon Brown to resign | Politics |

Apparently the Downing Street website crashed because so many people were logging on at once to sign the petition calling for the feartie Fifer's resignation. If only a few tens of thousands are enough to crash it, what would hundreds of thousands do.

Why don't you tell all your friends and see if we can conduct this interesting experiment? Tell them to click here, please - and not to use a silly name. Shortly the Number 10 dirty operations team will be running stories about how many times "Tony Blair" has signed.

MP ordered to pay damages for negligence

Old soldier takes first MP to court for being 'lazy' | Mail Online.

To me, the most interesting aspect of this story is that the judgement against her was made in her absence. She simply failed to show up in court! She must be fairly neglectful of her correspondence to have missed the letter before action, court summons etc. Yet she is obviously capable of efficient processing of paperwork when making expense claims.