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I started this blog sixteen years ago today. Since then I have written the equivalent of several novels in short posts mostly about civil liberties. The British Library is archiving it apparently. One day an historian may analyse just how wrong I was about everything. The Don Quixote in me hopes he'll instead explain how wrong politicians, apparatchiks and social "scientists" were not to agree with me!

Their mightiness in comparison to swordplay have never been clear to me, but I've had occasional indications that my words might have made a difference. I can only hope so. In terms of prosperity and life expectancy, humanity continues to advance, so maybe our political errors don't matter as much as my worries suggest. I must hope for that too. 

Anyway, if you have been, thanks for reading.


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Keep at it, old son. It makes a change to read something sensible on the net.

james higham

We're the class of 2006, yay!


Happy belated Blogiversary!

Glyn Palmer

What 'Mark C' said!

Lord T

16 Years! Happy Anniversary.

Joan Bree

Happy Blogaversary to you Tom. One thing I have learned in all the years I've been reading here is never to argue you. :)


Happy Blogiversary and congratulations on your blog being archived by the British Library.


Your occasional posts are the highlight of my blog-reading on the days they appear. A sober, rational, logical and reasonable view of the world is a rare thing and something to be greatly enjoyed. I admire your photography, too.

Hopefully, you'll keep writing.


you might be repeatedly wrong, but it gives me some comfort to see a smart person who overestimates his fellow man in the same way


My pleasure, Tom...

Rev. Spooner

Still reading; still enjoying; still agreeing; still despairing at times.

Stay well!

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