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Day 3 on the Thames Path: Kew Bridge to Putney Bridge
Day 5 on the Thames Path: Vauxhall Bridge to Tower Bridge

Day 4 on the Thames Path - Putney Bridge to Vauxhall Bridge

I took a couple of days to let my damaged feet heal. Then I took another couple because Mrs P the II and I embarked upon a project at home that provided plenty of exercise! Today we took to the path again, this time on the North Bank. Returning to Putney Bridge we set off on the least riparian day of the walk to date, as building works, the Hurlingham Club and other obstacles (such as the construction of the new Thames Super Sewer) kept us from the banks of OFT. We were no longer in the countryside. This was real London.

The weather was perfect – cold, mostly sunny and dry – and we made reasonable progress. I thought I would end up with fewer photographs today because the residential streets of even the pricier bits of London don't appeal to me visually when they are (as at present) lacking in human interest. The proper study of Mankind is Man and (though my career was in real estate) I find people generally more interesting than buildings. London's streets normally teem with "characters" but at present they're still eerily quiet – by London standards. I grant you they still "teem" by the standards of rural North Wales, where I grew up. Yet I ended up with more images than on previous days. 

We made it to our destination, from where I plan to resume the walk on Friday. Today's pictures are here for those among you, gentle readers, who care to see them. The only portrait in the set is of me, windswept and interesting at best, and (to tell the truth) rather tired at the time. Image © Mrs P the II.


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You’re not wrong. There were some places I could imagine living but it’s mostly pretty anodyne.


That section of the south bank is criminally bland, especially the Foster Associates dross and the rubbish going up around Nine Elms. The section between Blackfriars and Tower Bridge has improved immeasurably however ...

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