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Day 2 on the Thames Path
Day 4 on the Thames Path - Putney Bridge to Vauxhall Bridge

Day 3 on the Thames Path: Kew Bridge to Putney Bridge

Kew Bridge is close to home. I crossed the bridge to the steps I ascended, exhausted, at the end of Monday’s walk and set off. I’ve spent a lot of time on this section of the Thames near my home in Chiswick, but never on the opposite bank.

The guide book I’m using to plan my days says:

This is one of the greenest and most beautiful lengths of the Thames Path, with no irritating diversions. Just after Kew Bridge the path passes Kew Pier, from which boats depart for Richmond, Hampton Court and Westminster. The following stretch is pleasantly countrified, along an unmade track with trees and flowering bushes on both sides, which at points join up to form a canopy overhead.

I passed Mortlake and the local cemetery where it’s likely my earthly form will one day be incinerated, and walked on to Barnes, where the cultural references include blue plaques for the founder of the Royal Ballet and Gustav Holst plus a Stormtrooper from Star Wars on some local’s balcony. 

I ate my sandwich lunch, prepared by Mrs P2, on a bench outside St Paul’s School. A Remembrance Day service was in progress, ending with The Last Post. I’d been feeling footsore and sorry for myself but this reminded me of what a real problem was and inspired me to take on the final march for the day.

After Hammersmith Bridge (closed for emergency repairs to the great inconvenience of locals) I passed the London Wetland Centre and had the chance to see progress on the new stand replacing the one where my seat used to be at Craven Cottage. Having been excluded from my football home by our COVID tyrants it was quite nostalgic to see the place. From there it was not far to my destination and the bus home from a stop on the middle of the bridge. 

Today’s pictures are here


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They're healed thanks. I took my exercise in other forms moving furniture, books, computers and other chattels up and down stairs to convert a bedroom into a study but I plan to resume the walk tomorrow, weather permitting. I am glad you like the photos.


Trust your feet recover in good time. I'm really enjoying your photos.


Something that can help with blisters is Compeed. It cushions the blister and aids healing.


Thanks. No you haven’t missed the point. My toes were blistered and bloody and I’m delaying the next stage until Monday to let them heal. 


If by footsore you mean your feet were troubling you? a change of footwear and or socks may help.

Over the last three years I have got back into walking after being a lapsed walker for over 20 years. Before that walking was one of my main pleasures, something I enjoyed from a young age with my family.

I hope I haven't missed the point about you being footsore...

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