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I don't normally go for podcasts, as I can take in information faster by reading and don't spend much time in traffic these days. This however, is worth your time.

My last post was, I confess, a bit defeatist. I certainly felt defeated. Douglas Murray does not. On the contrary he is optimistic that the forces of evil are vulnerable and makes convincing arguments for going on the offensive. Rather than bemoan "cancel culture" he thinks it's overstated and urges the "silent majority" to speak up.

Referring to Kay Burley's ludicrous smears in relation to former Aussie PM, Tony Abbott, he is hilarious. He points out that she once grabbed a female fellow journalist by the throat in anger, squeezing so hard that she left a bruise. Playing her own game, therefore, it's possible to say that Kay Burley once grabbed a woman by the throat and injured her. Anyone who appears on her show is condoning the strangulation of women. By her own logic, she should be cancelled!

No right-thinking person wants Kay Burley silenced of course. Her bluster turns people off every argument she tries to advance and she serves a useful function in exposing the weakness of Tory ministers, but it takes Douglas to pierce the pompous veil so elegantly. I commend him to you.



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So do I. I registered my support with him already.

David Bishop

Wot? No comments?

I've only just managed to watch this, but you're right, it's encouraging to see that Douglas Murray is hopeful. I admire his ability to think on his feet and to express himself so adroitly.

I was disturbed to hear the reference to an organised round robin, likely from BLM, to the independent schools with the coercive aim of "decolonising the curriculum", and how cravenly this nonsense is being taken up. My granddaughter has just started at her private secondary school and the very first newsletter focused on this "racist" guff.

Murray is also right that people are utterly fed up with the woke nonsense and just need the courage to push back. Lawrence Fox is a sterling example. He's apparently come to terms with the likelihood of being unable to work in luvvieland again, but has not let that defeat him and is even starting up his own political party, tentatively called Reclaim. I wish him every success.

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