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NATO: what’s the point?
Roger Scruton


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I've not liked the Conmen since they betrayed Mrs T when she was abroad batting for our country. However I thought I had to vote for them this time to get Brexit done. Didn't actually help as the appalling Blackford was re-elected (how, in a fishing and farming constituency?). Bojo came up with a good line at about 07:30 - "Now we must get Brexit done; but first we must get breakfast done." The man can't be all bad.

Anyway I stayed up to watch the results coming in and had to walk down to the village to get my paper, not risking the drive. Can't sit up all night wineless. The wee collie bitch was pleased though; she prefers to walk and doesn't like my old Hyundai. Maybe I should get a Ferrari.


As I type - around 03:30 - it looks like I will be spending a rather pleasant friday 13th watching marxist (and other) heads explode.

Even the smallest, remotest possibility of grandad semtex getting a sniff of number 10 was genuinely terrifying.


Turnout will be the first indication of how this is going to go. The betrayed will walk over hot coals for revenge so I suspect the higher the turnout the better. 


Come off the fence. Tell us what you really feel! 😂


There is no torture (or inducement) known to man that would make me vote labour.

The first election I voted in was 79, having spent my first (rather snowy) winter at Durhan university, the college coming within 2 days of running out for food, it was with relish that I pointedly did not vote labour.

I loathed labour even then. But this collection of raging, hate filled monsters! There simply are no words.

Dr Evil

Voted just now. Rain pouring. Car park almost full. Not usually so busy on a polling day at 14.30. Did not vote Labour (never have).

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