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Inflammatory speech? You ain’t seen nothing yet, mofos!

To call the Benn Act the “Surrender Act” is to incite violence against those who enacted it, according to Labour. The Act was designed (as its sponsors would tell you) to ensure the UK does not leave the EU without some variant of the “withdrawal agreement” previously “negotiated” by Mrs May and thrice rejected by this Zombie Parliament. That agreement was famously described by former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis as;

”...a deal that a nation signs only after having been defeated at war”

So, if accurately describing an Act of Parliament is all it takes to provoke anger against you, perhaps that anger is righteous? If you are prepared to enact all sorts of radical policies on the basis of mere pluralities, but thwart the decision of an actual majority of the British People, then perhaps you have invited their wrath?

Neither the Conservative Party nor Labour has, since the War, ever secured a majority of the national vote. The Conservatives secured 55% in 1931.

Labour’s highest percentage post-war was 48% in 1951. The Conservatives’ highest share of the vote was 49.7% in 1955. Neither has achieved 52% post-war and no likely victory in the imminent General Election will give a popular mandate approaching that.

If the Liberal “Democrats” win a majority in Parliament and revoke the Article 50 notice, 40-something percent of the electorate will have thwarted 50-something percent. The anger then would be hard to contain and would be stoked to dangerous levels by the smug triumphalism of the Remain Ultras and the EU imperialists. You saw their sneering grins outside the Supreme Court this week. You saw Verhofstadt’s tweets. Imagine them if they win.


The Referendum was necessary precisely because the constitutional issue of EU membership cut across party lines. A big majority was secured for Remain in 1975 (including my very first vote) because the “Common Market” was seen as a benign liberalisation of international trade. Discontent was seething at the steady mutation of that Common Market into a proto-state. No government had ever asked the British People to approve that change. Most indications were that they wouldn’t have approved.  

Leavers ranged from libertarians like me, through patriotic statists of right, left and centre to the hard left of the Labour Party and indeed the Communist Party. Reasons for leaving ranged from principled objections to an over mighty state to a desire to escape EU restrictions on “state aid” that prevented an even mightier state. That’s why, when Remainers ask “...but what do Brexiteers want?” we can’t answer with a political programme. Our only honest answer is “...whatever the future political direction of the UK might be — it should be decided by people we can sack if they annoy us.”


Boy oh boy, are the people in charge in both Westminster and Brussels annoying us now! We want an election to sack as many of them as we can. For so long as they deny us that, they are relying on our decency and good manners to sleep easily in the beds we have feathered so lavishly for them. They’d better hope we are more decent than them and have far better manners than they have exhibited in their sneering, supercilious and dismissive campaigns against us. And far better manners than Labour’s Shadow Chancellor.

7A26A39F-3140-4ED0-846D-F57D378F9C62The violence of his discourse makes “humbug” seem rather gentle, no? But then it is always “one rule for us...” with them. 


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James Higham

Think you’re easy to spot anytime.


I am tempted. I’m meeting Bill and another fellow blogger in a pub soon and it would make me easy to spot on arrival!


Saw this, thought of you...

Bill Sticker

Details in an email sent to your inbox Tom. Both the Mac and the web site addresses.


Very much so. Let me know where to meet you. You can either help me celebrate or console me on the death of my civilisation!

Bill Sticker

We shall see on the 31st whether democracy is alive and well in the UK. I will have a front row seat as I'm staying less than a twenty minute stroll from Westminster.

Could be a Halloween worthy of mention.

Still up for that pint, Tom?


A Machiavellian conclusion to the Ultras’ victory would have to be fairly extreme, even by that gentleman’s ruthless standards. Putting their morality aside (and it’s clear now they wouldn’t need many JCB’s to do that) I suspect the 17.4 million contains most of the productive people they need to leech on in order to keep faffing snootily about in their sinecure jobs.

I fear they have just not thought this through. If they “win”, the world will not revert to 2015. They had us convinced we were an irrelevant minority — even Farage bought their propaganda to the extent of believing they’d win. That’s no longer true. The cat is out of the bag and its claws are unsheathed. I am far more worried about Britain’s future if they succeed in keeping us in the EU. The EU should be more worried about its future too because a betrayed Britain will not be a comfortable partner.


I agree. The Leave side is not always as civil as I would wish. In fairness, the frustration among even my most level-headed friends is mounting now that it’s so very clear that certain forces in our society never intended to respect the result of the referendum. I was concerned the police would be called on one of my gentlest friends when he reacted angrily at The Oval to the sight of May, Major, Gauk and Co. plotting in the Members Pavilion during the final Ashes Test. If people who have never commanded a 52% majority (or indeed any national majority) ignore the biggest modern mandate Parliament has ever been given, they must expect frustration, rising to anger. I don’t plan, advocate or even anticipate violence against them but I wouldn’t weep for them if it happened — only for my poor, abused nation.


Remainiacs have turned the mother of parliaments into the mother of whorehouses, and for what!?

Intemperate language is one thing. Crass, cretinous and above all, a graphic demonstration as to the paucity of argument (mainly from the left and remainiacs for some unfathomable reason).

But it us their actions, and these will have consequences. As Machiavelli put, in victory either be magnanimous or destroy your enemy beyond all possibility of recovery.

What do remainiacs believe they have won? (or will win). They can't do either of the above. All they seem to be capable of is infantilised shrieking and spitting bile.

They have burned their bridges to a significant (and I suspect constantly growing) section of the population and they are so blinded by their smug triumphalism that they can't see that their bridge leads nowhere.

Just seeing that Miller creature turns my piss to plasma!


Boris needs to get his act together with Nigel Farage and agree some sort of sensible pact with TBP. Then an election will wipe out the elitists and Remainiacs. Augean Stables!

The level of discourse and courtesy from the Left and from some elements on "our" side, sadly, is pretty much what you'd expect from a nation whose favourite prime time viewing seems to be EastEnders and some "reality" TV. EastEnders teaches regularly that the appropriate response to people you don't like or who disagree with you is to shriek, shout, threaten, wave fingers and fists and generally "get in their face".

Politicians will follow, just to pander to the people who think it's normal. A shame.

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