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We drove for five and a half hours today, as planned, despite having an excellent run in brilliant weather on fine roads. We could have shaved an hour off but our lunch plans went awry. We’d aimed to find a nice restaurant en route and take a long break but we hadn’t accounted for it being a Summer Sunday on the Mediterranean coast. We came off the autostrada at a suitable place full of attractive restaurants with sea views, but the town was seething with happy weekenders and there was not a parking place to be found. After driving around for a while until Speranza’s computer decided we lacked the fuel for such stop/start low-speed stuff, we realised the restaurants were now closing anyway and returned to our route. 

A sandwich from an Autogrill was better than its British equivalent (no great praise, I know) so we didn’t starve but I didn’t get the break I’d hoped for. Refuelling over, for car and occupants, we resumed our rapid progress and reached our Mougins home at 4pm or so. 

We settled in. I did some laundry and then we headed to the “vieux village” which is my favourite town (if not quite my favourite place - Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye still holds that title) in the world. I could not wait to show it to my new wife. 


After a pleasant bistro meal under the setting sun on the village square, we returned home by moonlight with Speranza‘s roof down. And so to bed. 

The tour to date is mapped here. 


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And so to bed...

I am Awaiting to hear about your next (holiday) adventures together.

Once again my best wishes to you both for a happy life together xx


You must visit the Beoraid cemetery in Morar where my parents lie. You have a view of the length of the loch and it is one of the most wonderful places on Earth.

And of course, deep in the loch there is Morag, a monster far greater than that of Loch Ness.


We visited Skye when dating. I inflict my love of Scotland on all my friends but she loved it already. I’m not sure she gets the mystical feeling I have standing on the oldest part of Dunvegan Castle and looking out to sea where Lud must first have appeared in his ships though. But she likes it well enough. The only other place that gives me the same feeling is Callanish. Standing in the stone circle I feel a connection I can’t explain — as if it had been built by my family, perhaps. I love the Côte d’Azur too. I always have and have had many happy experiences here that I will remember fondly to my end. But I will never feel at home here — just an appreciative visitor, envying another people’s lifestyle.


Dunvegan :)

I think Mrs PII will love the gardens there.

I suppose you always use the bridge at the Kyle of Lochalsh.

James Higham


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