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The old blog is going into travelogue mode. I am dropping my political pen and putting on my driving shoes. I will be motoring to the Cote d'Azur for a photographic workshop led by famous American photographer Joe McNally FRPS. I have been on several of his workshops before and they have always been as fun as they are educational. My lady friend mocks me for my admiration of Joe's talent. She has christened him "Joehovah" and claims to be able to tell from the spring in my step whether he has "liked" one of my Instagrams lately. Her joking apart, if you follow this link I think you will agree that he's a rare photographic talent. 

Unlike some of his fellow-photographers (as I have found to my cost on some workshops I have attended) Joe can teach photography almost as ably as he can do it. He pulls no punches on critiques but his sense of humour softens the blow and allows even a prideful chap like myself to accept guidance. To the extent that I can make a decent image (on a good day, with a following wind and when the muses permit) I owe it largely to his patient advice over the years.

Our topic for next week's workshop is visual storytelling. Gentle reader you will have the chance to tell if I learn anything because, as usual, I shall be recounting my adventure here in pictures as well as words.

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 18.09.27

First though, I am looking forward to a leisurely drive on the autoroutes of France. Speranza and I will be on the 0650 Eurotunnel Shuttle to Calais tomorrow morning and will then be heading to our overnight stop in Beaune. If you have suggestions as to places to visit en route, or for suitable hostelries for a driver on a diet in Beaune, please pipe up in the comments or message me on Twitter if you are that way inclined.

As usual, I shall be using the excellent "Track my Tour" app to log my journey. You can follow my progress here if so inclined. One of my fellow students is also blogging about this trip. She's already in Nice and you can read her blog here.


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As a fellow photographer and travel blogger I always enjoy your travelogue posts.

I am currently trying to get to grips with my new camera after my previous camera gave up the ghost whilst I was in Italy last year.


Bon voyage!

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