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Gaza Border Violence: 15 May 2018: House of Commons debates - TheyWorkForYou.

People storm a fence in order to cross a border and attack the locals, as they have frequently done before. They have been warned that if they enter the no man's land before the fence, they will be shot. They do. And they are. They care so little for their children that they bring them along to be shot to gain sympathy for their cause.
The IDF does not play silly games, because it cannot afford to. It defends Israel; a nation that, since it was founded, has been under permanent attack by undemocratic barbarians who hate it and hate Western civilisation as a whole.
Meanwhile, in the safety of Westminster, the Marxist muslim sociology lecturer from a third rate university who "works for me" as my Member of Parliament is calling on the British Government to recognise the genocidal terrorist group instigating the attack as a legitimate government. 
She may work for me, but she is not on my side. She is not on our country's side. She is not on the side of Western Civilisation or of human decency. That comes as no surprise to me as one of her constituents, but it's a great disappointment to see the Government's mealy-mouthed response. 
Just what is Conservative about this government, precisely?


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And possibly one day I will get technology to say what I want rather than what it wants...


That was do hold them to higher standards.. Incidentally I have just read your review of Frankly. ..which I will now read.


Yes, you are absolutely right....I donly hold them to higher standards...their forebears created many of them. Like you, I am a disappointed optimist; Israll is, certainly should not be just another Middle East state.


How many dead Jews would make it “proportional”? Do we count the victims of previous attacks? Or must they die at the same time to count? These were mostly Hamas activists as it has acknowledged. One of the dead was the son of the Hamas founder. He’s thereby just made his family’s first contribution to peace. There’s something rather flattering to Israel about the way you hold its people to higher standards than those seeking to drive them into the sea. I am sure they are flattered but right now they have an existential war to fight against enemies funded by a range of people from Iran to you and me via the EU.


Indeed there have been frequent incursions;all the more reason for a proportional response when the event was entirely predictable.


There have been frequent incursions and attacks so a warning was issued as to what would happen if the border was stormed again.

The IDF is not the Met, led by sociologists and constantly virtue-signalling to prove how “woke” it is. Its troops are not social workers but soldiers defending a country under constant attack by genocidal barbarians led by an organisation whose charter objectives are a matter of public record.

I donated some pizzas today to Israeli troops to show my support. You can do the same by clicking here:


So it's fine to commit an atrocity provided you have previously advised you will do so in certain entirely foreseeable
circumstances...seems wrong, just can't grasp why...


No not her James. My constituency is Ealing Central & Acton and my MP is Dr Rupa Huq.

Dr Evil

Good post. Well said. Israel fights for its existence on a daily basis. It would have been obliterated otherwise. It's the only actual democracy in the region and that says it all. The Arabs are barbarians. You can always rely on Muslim politicians to hate Jews.


The key word in your description above is "Marxist" - socialists identifying yet another victim group they can hoover up and be seen to speak for, in the hope of garnering support from local voters. Look! Look how we care! Nassssty Tories, preciousss!

Israel is the one beacon of hope and civilisation in that entire area of the world. If they say what they mean and mean what they say about the no-man's-land trespass, I for one find it hard to condemn them for living to their word. Our own government might learn something from the Israeli example; intestinal fortitude, for example.

70 years ago the United Nations set about embedding itself in the Palestinian Territories by setting up refugee camps for the displaced. They're still there; 1.5 million in UN-registered camps in 2012 (Wikipedia). Their Muslim brothers mostly refuse to have anything to do with them (except talk). How can it be that after 70 years of UN "guidance" and "support", the displaced haven't been helped to resettle, or compensated, when it seems that (again, Wikipedia) a majority would be very happy to have that happen?

Perhaps the "UN" bit is a bit of an obvious hint. And the presence of Hamas, whose relevance largely disappears should a settlement ever be reached.

James Higham

You mean the white van English flag woman? If so, you could expect nothing decent from that one.

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