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Home run

My day started well with a walk on a windy beach and a photo I liked. Then a motel breakfast lowered the tone as it will. I soon cheered up as I hit the road and drove through Kitty Hawk  and back over a bridge to the mainland. My touristic objective for the day was to visit the US Navy at its home base in Norfolk, VA and specifically the retired battleship USS Wisconsin, which is by far the biggest exhibit at a naval museum there.

The drive was perfect, along country roads. I listened to the Outer Banks country station for as long as I could and then to my own music via my iPhone which had hooked itself up to Sally via Apple Car Play. The scenery was classic, the roads were good and the traffic was light, I made good time to Norfolk, found a nearby parking garage and headed off to the museum.

I ignored the interactive educational nonsense and headed straight for the displays. Then I tried to find a vantage point (I couldn't) from which with a 16mm lens I could photograph the entire battleship. A professional photographer working there told me the best place was the top floor of the nearby car park but – just my luck – I had parked in the wrong one.

I had lunch at a local bistro before heading off to my friends in Georgetown. All was well until I hit the DC traffic and then the joy began to drain. It seems that I am a redneck at heart and country roads are where I am happiest.

The updated tour map is here and I am assembling an album of photos to which I will post a link soon. Tomorrow I will do some tourism in DC during the day before heading off to the the airport to drop Sally off and take the redeye home.


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