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Dangerous driving by a transvestite

Life is tough at the bottom of the equality heap | The Spectator.

I am catching up on last week's magazines as I was away on my road trip when they were delivered. I only just got to the linked article in The Spectator. The first anecdote in Melissa Kite's "Real Life" column last week sums up post-modern identity politics. An offence committed against a member of a protected minority has long been a greater crime in law. Now here is someone arguing (though Parliament has not yet blessed the notion) that an offence committed by one is a lesser, or at least that protected minority tears and feelings are an adequate defence.
In case you have used up your three free online articles in the Speccie, here are the key paragraphs
A friend of mine was walking her dogs at the same beauty spot I walk my spaniels, when a car screeched into the car park sending children scurrying for their lives. My friend ran up and knocked on the window and the window was wound down to reveal a man in a dress and blond wig. My friend said, ‘What are you doing? You could have killed a child. Slow down!’ And the man replied, ‘But I’m a transvestite.’
My friend tried to pursue the issue, pointing out that, be that as it may, he couldn’t speed or run over children. But he countered that suggestion by bursting into tears. And at that point she had no choice. She had to desist. Her argument was defunct. She was intellectually, morally and politically beaten. The speeding transvestite had upheld his right to drive in the manner he felt most expressed him, given the cultural and societal stresses he was under. He was validated. He was beautiful in every single way. Words would not bring him down. Certainly, no farmer’s wife in wellies was going to bring him down today. And so on.
The creepiest part of the story is how the lady challenging the miscreant backed off when the "defence" was offered. I think there is no escaping that we "normies" are as much to blame for the bizarre situation we now find ourselves in because we have consistently lacked the courage to "face the fire" when Liberty's and Reason's enemies try it on. Why did she not just say "Your sexual confusion has nothing to do with your duty to drive with care"? Her reaction should surely have been no different than if he had said "but my eyes are blue".
Of course the real question is how the boys in blue would have read the situation had they been there. Sadly I think we know