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Tuscany wrap up and slideshow

Last night I attended a splendidly jolly 65th birthday party but today I am finally winding down after all this month's excitements. . An email came in from the Felsina winery in Tuscany authorising (in fact rather charmingly encouraging) the publication of some of the shots I took there. My favourite is this one. It's a close up of a row of barrels, emphasising the distinctive glass airlocks on the top designed, would you believe it, by Leonardo Da Vinci.


The others are more general views...


of the different types of barrels. 


Finally, here's a 720p version of the final slideshow prepared by mi amigo Ari Espay of our work on the Joe McNally Tuscany workshop. 

 All images are © the photographers mentioned at the end of the slideshow and all their rights are reserved. I hope you enjoy it.