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I arrived at Cusago, just outside Milan last night in an oppressive 36ºC. I woke this morning to find there had been an enormous thunderstorm. The atmosphere was lighter, the air was cooler and it was not the sweaty chore I had expected to load the car. I breakfasted in style and set off towards the Alps. I did a few circuits of the neighbourhood first though as I navigated and re-navigated a newish set of roads leading to the autostrada. I had a wonderful run, managing to introduce drama only by refusing to fill up on non-premium fuel at a station in the Alps that didn't offer it. Instead I put 10 litres of regular in and pressed on planning to dilute it with the good stuff as soon as possible. I ended up having to leave the autostrada and go hunting for a garage that was open on a Sunday in a tiny Alpine village. I found one, worked out its automatic payment system (cash only) and more or less filled up before setting off again for the Mont Blanc tunnel.

Speranza at a below the salt gas station in the Alps with no premium fuel for her

There were no queues and the tunnel was quiet. I was soon through and back in France. The temperatures were rising well into the thirties again, so I kept my roof up and basked comfortably in the air conditioning. I took a break to eat a modest picnic lunch. After a long day (I gave up some progress yesterday to have time to visit Enzo Ferrari's birthplace) I arrived back at my modest hotel in Dijon.

Tomorrow I strike out for home.


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