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This is karma

I am tired of OpEds in the MSM and social media posts from my left-leaning friends accusing current politicians of causing "social division".

The divisions in Western society didn't spring up magically at the bidding of President Trump, the Brexiteers or Marine Le Pen. They were patiently forged over decades by Democrats in America, Labourites in Britain and Socialists in France. They and their Cultural Marxist cohorts in academia have delighted in setting class against class, race against race, gender against gender, sexual orientations against each other and one religion against the rest.

They have encouraged and exploited envy and hatred. They have sown the wind for their political gain and now they are reaping the whirlwind. May their demise be as swift as it is just and let's hope they don't cause too much more damage as they are ejected from the political scene.

Then, when these hate-mongers are finally gone, we can work to build societies in which, as every citizen is of equal moral and legal worth, we can focus on what unites us and get on with living our lives in peace.