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The dangers of virtue signalling on the internet

Twitter Users Pledge To Fly Thousands Of Refugees To Live In J.K. Rowling's Mansions - MILO NEWS.

It's unwise for wealthy leftists to "virtue signal" on the internet. They may get called out. Kudos to author, film-maker and controversialist (troll, if you prefer) Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich on Twitter) for offering to fly "up to 100 refugees" to live in JK Rowling's mansions. I think all of us who can spare a few quid should chip in. 

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Not only will I buy a plane ticket for a male Syrian refugee of fighting age, but I will pick him up in my car from any UK airport to deliver him to whichever of JK Rowling's mansions she nominates. I look forward to the three of us having a cup of tea together as she welcomes him into her home.
Let's get this clear once and for all. You are not being “kind" or “generous" when you demand that others be taxed or otherwise compelled to do something you think is good. If you are a social justice warrior multi-millionaire then, until your every spare room is crammed with "refugees" and they are living in tented villages on your acres of manicured lawn, you have no right to demand that poor people be forced to have them as their neighbours.


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There is not a triggered snowflake's chance in hell. ;-)

james higham

Very little to add.


Yup. I wonder if she will respond to the challenge?

Silly question, I know.


Absolutely spot on!

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