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Too strong for Facebook

The Facebook feed of most people who move in smug  "educated" metropolitan élite circles today is awash with the plaintive cries of leftist butthurt. Mine is no different. 

I try to keep my Facebook page light and social. After all I can express my political grievances here, where they are only read by volunteers. We classical liberals are big on voluntary exchange!

The barrage of whingeing was just too much this morning however and rather than waste the day responding to it I posted my own comment on what they see as Trumpageddon. Then I decided to be better than them and set it to private. Then I thought my work should not go to waste and so here it is: 

I am glad to have so many "liberal" friends on FB because (a) it shows how tolerant I am and (b) I can metaphorically bathe in your tears today as you have bathed in mine for so long. 

You set one group in society against another with your victimhood culture and identity politics. You formed whole university departments based on lies and brainwashed our children with hatred and stupid conspiracy theories like "the Patriarchy". Then you closed down debate by screeching "racist", "sexist", "homophobe" and "islamophobe" at anyone who dared demur from your demented groupthink. 

Even now, when the "basket of deplorables" turned out to be yuuuuge you are everywhere calling them stupid, racist etc. Your inferiors. To be despised. Good luck winning them over with that line. It worked so well for HRC right?

You have fomented societal mistrust for years and now you DARE call Trump "divisive"?

Hillarious (pun intended). If he's the monster in this horror story, YOU are Doctor Frankenstein. Suck it up.

If you want to use it on your own Facebook page I hereby grant you copyright for personal use. As for my Facebook friends, I know they don't deserve to get off so lightly given how they bored the pants off me with their political views but what can I say? I love them.