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Overheard in West London pub at lunch time

Enter stage left. A well-spoken, expensively-dressed white guy — let's call him Rupert — with an unconvincing dash of Estuary diction to disguise his public school plumminess.

I'd guess an academic of some kind from his chit-chat to the bored but polite barman about a conference he's addressing tomorrow. A similarly attired friend arrives — let's call him Ralph — and they take a seat together with their craft beers.

Rupert  "I didn't turn on my transistor radio this morning. So I didn't know until my cleaner told me. I said 'you must be kidding dear' and she said with a strange smile on her face, 'No he won'..."

He then proceeds to regale Ralph — his equally distressed luncheon companion (if you still have a transistor radio I'm sure you don't eat a mere lunch) — with sundry views on the lack of higher education, general stupidity and racism of both Trump and Brexit voters.

They had not one shred of self-awareness. These entitled Guardian-reading bastards have convinced themselves that everyone who disagrees with them is sub-human. And they are prepared to say so in public where one or more of us may be listening.

They stupidly assume all around them are of the same mind and don't realise some are smiling to ourselves and silently stiffening our resolve to see them in the political oblivion their arrogance and condescension so richly deserves.

They can be defeated. How did they ever fool us? They are not even foemen worthy of our steel.