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In the wake of Brexit and Trump, I am becoming a little tired of all the accusations of hatred and division being thrown at those who voted the "wrong way". Leftists are utter hypocrites when they use these words of their opponents.

Their ideology deliberately sets people against each other by class, ethnic group, gender and sexual identity. Markets don't give a stuff about any of that and nor do employers. They only care if a given individual, regardless of skin tone and reproductive apparatus, has some economic value to add and is prepared to show up to do it.

Show me a shrieking hater divisively accusing others and I will show you a leftist. When they scream that anyone who opposes them is a hater, they are projecting. When they complain about division, they unintentionally reveal that the only way to have unity in their terms is to agree with every word they say. That same totalitarian tendency leads their intellectuals to "no platform" their opponents.

They're obsessed with hatred and division precisely because theirs is a hateful doctrine predicated upon social division. Without setting one group in society against another, they can never win or keep power. Which is why when they're in power the hatred and division never goes away.

It is time to call them out on their dishonesty. They are not the principled, ethical people they virtue signal themselves to be. That are not kindly or idealistic. They foment envy, hatred and division selfishly to give themselves the chance to live without producing.

Politics is show business for ugly people. Leftism is economics for parasites.


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Bill Sticker

"Leftism is economics for parasites" - who don't understand economics....

barnacle bill

At first I was bemused by the reaction of the Remain side of the vote to their defeat. The throwing their toys out of the prams and excuses for this behaviour was good entertainment.

I had hoped that this was just a letting off of steam phase they were going thru.

Now with the continued behaviour of them, added to which is the scenes playing out across the pond to Trump's victory, I am serious concerned that we are not going to see a return to normality. These people are so infected with this idealogy it's like they have some form of rabies. To which we all know the only solution!

So yes call them out on their lies, challenge them at every devious turn they try to make, fight their fires with our own. Because if we do not excise this cancer from our society they will be the ones coming for us.

Sargon of Akkad's salt mining video is well worth a view -


Hear bloody hear. Spot on. Sadly too many people are happy to play the victim hood game, useful idiots one and all feeding the demented leftists and prolonging all our miseries.

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