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Can Matthew Parris trust the people?

Can we trust the people? After Trump, I'm no longer sure | Coffee House.

The right-on Conservative in name only, Matthew Paris, has the gall to ask openly the question in the hearts of treacherous metropolitan élitists across the Free World. It's not an easy question to answer because it depends on:
  1. How trusting he is. In my experience an inclination to trust is a good indicator that a person is himself trustworthy. If you see your fellow men as a threat it's often because — given the opportunities presented by power — you would be a threat to them. 
  2. How prepared he is to compromise. I kept working, contributing to the greater good and taking care of my family for decades while people who despised me and had contempt for my values rewrote every rule to shave slices off my liberty. They packed the judiciary, subverted the command structure of the police and staffed academia with their lackeys. They sought to cow me into submission with abuse and denormalise my ethics. With the tables turned, can Mr Parris keep calm and carry on as I did? Can he assume his political opponents are well intentioned even as we dismantle his orthodoxies?  
I don't know the answer to these questions. I can however ever be certain of this. The people can't trust Matthew Parris. 


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james higham

Can't really add too much more to this. The type is rife in the Tory Party.

barnacle bill

I feel that instead of asking "Can Mathew Parris trust the People?" we should instead be querying "Has Mr Parris any respect for the People?"

To which I would reply, having read his article in the Spectator's Coffee House, a big "No"

The mask has slipped Mr Parris to expose your political elitism sneering at "Us" the plebs, who have decided we don't think you and your ilk are the font of all knowledge and wisdom.

I used to respect Mr Parris as a political commentator, I would make time to listen to him, or read what he had written. Now I think he was just trying to show me how much "better" he was than me.

So I'm afraid Mr Parris you have now shown yourself to be not worthy of my respect and whatever trust I had in you has gone forever.


Who cannot be trusted are liberals. Those who are for social justice and the high moral road. They weaken society and fragment it. Instead of accepting that they are wrong believe the answer is to impose more of the same so proceed to do so by all means available. Usually in an authoritarian manner as persuasion will have some impact as we observe but not enough as Brexit and the election of Trump demonstrates.

Liberals morph into socialists and progressives making them the most illiberal amongst us. Christianity and Judaism have a lot to answer for as it is from their teachings that liberals have formed their thinking. Good intentions and liberals are well intended, tend very often to create outcomes that have very harmful consequences. We have reached the point that that lesson is being learned the hard way.

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