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We all need to watch "Stranger Things" on Netflix

I have not yet watched the show myself. I base my advice entirely upon this one sentence from James Delingpole's review in the Spectator:

"… At no stage do you feel as though the plot or characterisation has been skewed to serve up some empowering message about race or gender or sexuality..."

What an astute critique of  modern cinema, television, and literature!

For most of our lives, writers with brows high, low and middling have given us, not insights into the human condition, but Sociology lectures dressed up as the stories we crave. They have either presented a world so vile as to make us yearn for the Marxian axe or sunny Star Trekky views of a post-capitalist Utopia.

I left primary school some decades ago, but every time I turn on my TV, go to the cinema or open a modern book I am back there again. Not just when Fiona Bruce on the BBC News reminds me of how I adored my Class 1 teacher neither. I am almost always listening to the sweet, certain tones of schoolmarm condescension talking down to me from the vertiginous height of an undoubted superiority.

It was entirely justified when I was 4 years old. Then, almost everything told me was news and I was naive enough to swallow any guff. But it's damned infuriating now. If this show offers a holiday from that, then count me in. 


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Humility is better than self-loathing, but they never seem to have that. They seem to compensate for loathing themselves by loathing others more. By any sensible definition of that stupid term, Socialism is a hate crime.

Bill Sticker

Indeed, Tom. The political Left projects that which is worst in itself. Those I have met all seem to suffer with a self loathing that they are determined to blame others for.


One of the best arguments against the pessimism of the Left — their bizarre, inhuman – nay anti-human, notion that, left unregulated, we would fall savagely upon each other like wild beasts — used to be to ask how the English language came about. No one invented it. No one has a patent on it. Neither legislators nor lawyers were involved in crafting or improving it. No one (yet) regulates it at all (although Canadian liberals currently have plans to force the use of made-up pronouns on us to make a political point).

Despite this deplorable lack of intervention by our wise and loving state it is a highly functional piece of human technology; the richest, largest language that the world has ever known and the means by which all Anglosphere laws and regulations (and all ideas — including their own crazed and oppressive ones) are developed, expressed and opposed.

You are right. We humans are far better than the Left believes. When I was a transaction lawyer I used to tell my clients that the surprising things the other party wanted to prohibit us from doing in our contracts were a good indication of the lines upon which their own thinking ran. Sometimes it revealed a wickedness so profound that it was better to find another deal! The Left regarding humans as savage mutual predators is a similarly good predictor of how they will use the absolute state power they constantly advocate — ostensibly to protect us from ourselves.


You mentioned James Delingpole and that triggered a thought(word association perhaps) that climate change theory is very similar to Malthusian theory. Both highly pessimistic in outlook. The latter was proved wrong because of technological progress and innovation. I have no doubt that the former will be as well for exactly the same reason.

Progressive theory tells us that the world can only become a better place if we adopt progressive means and not let nature take it's course. Propagation of belief in that theory follows the normal path of the use of propaganda and indoctrination. So yet another theory that has Malthusian connotations in that natural human behaviour has to be regulated for mankind's own good or only the worst will happen. That worries me more than the two theories mentioned above as to me no obvious benign mechanism exist like technological innovation to mitigate the damaging consequences of following progressive theory.

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