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Friday was a day free of commitments. At the suggestion of my local friends, I stopped by at their place for a coffee and to be briefed on a suitable excursion for the day. They sent me off to Valbonne where a market was in progress on the town square. I wandered around the pretty side streets and bought some essential stationery (even a digital native like me doesn't send an electronic thank you note) before settling to a modest lunch. Deliberately modest to compensate for last night's indulgence in millefeuille



Then I drove on to Opio, Chateauneuf les Faisses and finally to the wonderfully-named Magagnosc, which looks like a Polish word but – as far as I know – isn't. Then I returned via the perfume town of Grasse to my borrowed home in Mougins, where I attempted to start my friend's car and take it for a spin to charge it up. Sadly the battery didn't have enough juice to turn over the engine so I hooked it up to a battery charger I had brought for the purpose and left it overnight.

In the evening I checked through my friend's DVD collection for a movie I hadn't seen. I settled on the classic Bond "Dr No", which whiled away my final evening on the Cote d'Azur. It has been a great visit. 


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