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Home again to the post-trip blues

Back to Spain

After breakfasting with and then waving my friends off to Toulouse airport in their rather cool little rented FIAT 500 Abarth, I stowed my baggage and hit the road again. Driving conditions were perfect and the roads were clear and dry. The sun shone, but it was not too warm. There were very few roadworks. In consequence I achieved the highest average speed of the trip so far, but I did get flashed by a speed camera. I am sure it must have malfunctioned as, if I was above the limit at all, I am sure I was within the margin of error.

I believe the British and French authorities were about, in the spirit of European cooperation, to provide each other with the means to enforce speed camera tickets. I hope the Brexit vote has put the kybosh on that kind of nonsense. We shall see.

I stopped only to refuel car and driver and – having missed my moment of crossing of the Spanish border (though I quickly noticed that the speed limit had gone down and the road signs had changed) – arrived in blazing sunshine in San Sebastian, which seems a rather agreeable seaside town. I am tired and probably won't venture out to explore it though. I have fast internet (for a fee) in the rather decent hotel I have treated myself to to celebrate the end of the tour so I may chill out and watch something mind-soothing on Netflix before venturing out to find food and beverages.

I have no pictures to offer from today but I rather liked this one sent to me by my friend from Mougins. It's of the voiturier at our restaurant in Cap d'Antibes on Thursday night raising Speranza's roof before parking her out front by the door as her aristocratic lineage requires. The water in the background is the Baie des Anges and the lights are of Antibes and its mega-yachted harbour. She looks rather more in her element there than she ever does in West London!

As always, the map of the tour is to be found here.


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