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Of luck, choice and deplorables

ImageYou can't help what family, race, sex, sexual orientation or religion you are born into and brought up in. So it is pretty damn ridiculous to judge you for it. That's as far as I go with the "identity politics" schtick. 

Hating a posh person for his parents' wealth or their choices for him as a child is as stupid as despising a poor, uncultured person. Telling me to "check my privilege" as a straight white male before expressing an opinion is every bit as stupid as telling a man his views matter less because he's black. I am not asking, as SJWs suggest every time someone like me makes this point, to be seen as a victim. I am just denying that anyone else is one because of their equally random characteristics.

Dr King was right. You need to know the content of his character before determining a man is inferior. You also need a comparator and it's your job to strive to be one.

I often think of a late friend of mine born with every social disadvantage and no particular gifts; educationally or in terms of talent. He was a "bad lad" in his youth but later worked hard to get past his limitations. He wanted a family and to do a better job of raising his children than his parents had done. If he voted, he probably voted Labour but he was not noticeably political.

His brother ended up as an SJW would say was inevitable, in crime and degradation. My friend however proved them wrong by choosing a different path. He had the same disadvantages as his brother, but achieved a different outcome by doing things his "socially doomed" brother could have as easily done. In consequence my friend left behind him when he died in an industrial accident children and grandchildren decently raised. Thanks to him they now have hopes for a better material life.

He wasn't proud, but was entitled to be. His was a life well lived. His only assets were humility, an open mind and a contempt for excuses. He took pride in being a better operator than the next digger driver. He once saved a life by delicately removing the contents of a collapsed trench from a trapped worker with the back actor of an excavator. He left his world a better place than he found it. 

When my Guardian reader friends speak with ignorant condescension of people whose failure in life is socially inevitable and who must be "saved" by a kindly state that just happens also to provide Guardian readers with jobs for life and pensions unrelated to economic reality, I take offence on his behalf.

Dividing humans against each other by class, race, sex, sexual orientation or religion does not help them. It just creates a series of imaginary problems to justify creation of taxpayer-funded non-jobs for rent-seekers and mischief makers. I am glad that "identity politics" seems at last to be in crisis. I am glad that people are defying political correctness and ignoring the SJWs calling them bad names. I am heartened by the reaction to Hillary Rodham Clinton dumping a quarter of Americans into her "basket of deplorables" However I am also nervous as to where this will take us now. In crying wolf on racism etc. the Left has potentially opened the door to real political nasties like Le Pen. In casually calling people "fascists" they may have triggered actual fascism.

If we want to emerge safely into an era of sane political discourse and rational government, we need to keep stories like that of my late friend in mind. Our message is simple in the end. Whether you are happy with the cards life dealt you or not, the best thing for you to do is play them as well as you can.