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Spanish wine
Back in my France

Back in France



I had a brilliant run through Spain to my overnight rest in France yesterday. Speranza performed magnificently. I resisted the temptation to race the Audi drivers provoked by her in Spain and the BMW drivers provoked by her in France. Instead I enjoyed the passing scenery, including first glimpses of the Mediterranean. I consoled myself for not being able to have the roof down (because its space in the boot is occupied by lights, light stands and other photo gear) by listening to music that would have been drowned out by wind and engine noise if driving topless. 

I arrived in Narbonne in the early afternoon and - taking advantage of fast internet in my hotel - sorted out some corruption on my laptop's hard disk introduced by unwisely updating the OS while on the road with lots of important photos stored. All the photos are safely backed up at least and none were lost by my overconfidence in post-Jobs Apple, Inc. Then I got full value from the €9 charge incurred for greater bandwidth by chilling with a little Netflix. 

I dined well in the hotel's restaurant on a spicy variation of a chicken Caesar salad preceded by a Pastis and accompanied by half a bottle of good wine so I am afraid I can do no citizen journalist justice to whatever attractions Narbonne may have to offer. However I slept well and feel refreshed for the next few days of exploration, gallery visiting and calory-controlled gourmandising (for your humble blogger is on an ill-timed diet) with old and new friends on the Côte d'Azur.

Today I drive to my home for the next few days at a friend's villa in my favourite French village; Mougins. Tonight I dine with an old friend and his lady in her favourite French village; St Paul de Vence 

As usual on my road trips you can track my tour on a map here

La vie en rose, Deo volenti.