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Revealed: Cameron’s honours for cronies
Tribal politics

It's wrong to be prudent, successful, able or talented in modern Britain

If you have worked hard and saved for your old age this is a bad day for you as the Bank of England bails out the feckless and the over-borrowed by reducing interest rates in a vain attempt to stimulate the economy by encouraging more feckless over borrowing as opposed to prudent investment.

If you worked hard, campaigned and succeeded in the Brexit Referendum, then you go unrewarded today as the personal groomers of the Cameron household and the failed campaigners for Remain make out like honorific bandits in the outgoing PM's Resignation Honours List.

Change your nation for the better, take care of yourself and your family and you are despised. Fail, be dependent on the taxpayer and you are loved. And this under a "Conservative" government.