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Milo Suspended Permanently by Twitter Minutes Before 'Gays For Trump' Party At RNC - Breitbart.

Milo Yiannopolous is anathema to the authoritarian, control freak Left*. He is the man their "Free speech, but ..." line was made for. A flamboyant homosexual who wages war on political correctness by "triggering" leftist snowflakes, he is hard for them to handle because he belongs to one of their "protected species" and has a predilection for sexual intimacy with another. Call him a "racist" and he will smile and ask what kind of racist is intimate with black men. Except he will express it more saltily than that.

His "dangerous faggot" tour of America's college campuses has yielded some hilarious YouTube footage as he systematically provokes the inevitable protesters screaming that "Black Lives Matter" and calling for him to be banned. Inevitably they end up looking ridiculous and — as he gleefully pointed out in one video I watched — he enjoys them behaving this way because he hopes their parents will see them in action and stop wasting money on college courses that make them more stupid.

Twitter banned him permanently (his account has been suspended before but reinstated after lobbying) just twenty minutes before the start of the "Gays for Trump" rally he was scheduled to address yesterday. The pretext was his part in a stupid twitterstorm against a black actress in the new Ghostbusters movie. He had reviewed it negatively at Breitbart and she received abusive tweets. Twitter seems to be blaming him for that, even though his own tweets were not racist. He merely commented that she shouldn't be acting badly in blockbuster movies if she couldn't handle abuse and that "everyone" received abusive tweets. By which I guess he meant "everyone famous".

Milo, Trump, Jeremy Corbyn and Brexit are all straws in the wind of a new popular revolt against the theology of the Liberal (in the American sense) Establishment. This seems to have wrong footed Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets set up, consciously or otherwise, to serve it. I am an absolutist when it comes to (a) government having no right to restrict free speech and (b) the right of private individuals and companies to operate whatever censorship regime they like at their own sites and publications. I just marvel at the hypocrisy of companies that permit what would otherwise be called "hate speech" by Leftist protected species (such as militant Muslims or Black Power activists calling for cops to be killed) while jumping on mere teasing by their political opponents.

If there's one thing the Left (and its social media allies) hates more than a "privileged" opponent, it's a member of a protected species who is, as Milo says of himself "off the reservation".  @Nero is no more on Twitter, but he's to be found at and YouTube. I commend him to you. He's funny, clever and enormous value for money. It's suggested that he could be President Trump's press secretary, which would make Theresa May's appointment of Boris as Foreign Secretary seem like a diplomatic coup.

We live in dangerous, interesting times, but at least there is now a chance, as the tectonic plates of political division shift, of freer, more genuinely "liberal" societies emerging.


* I know this seems tautological but there may be remaining members of the John Mortimer school of libertarian Labourites somewhere and I don't want to tar such delightful creatures with the same brush.


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James Higham

Many a stumbling block ahead though, Tom, e.g. the tete-a-tete of May/Hollande.


He is a gem of an English eccentric, isn't he?


Thank you for introducing me to Milo, of whom I'd never heard before. Makes you proud to be British.

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