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Revealed: Cameron’s honours for cronies

Revealed: Cameron’s honours for cronies | News | The Times & The Sunday Times.

Remember all those business folk who spoke out so strongly for the "Remain" campaign; predicting economic collapse in the wake of their threatened withdrawal of investment? Remember how they retreated from their threats when the result was for "Leave?"  
I said at the time that the fix was in and that all would be revealed in Cameron's first post-referendum honours list. The list is not yet official because the Civil Service is making ethical objections but the leaked names already tell the shameful story. 
The British people have been called everything but good for their decision in the referendum. We have been accused of ignorance and contempt for our betters; the "experts" who told us so clearly what to think. But we were smarter than our political "masters" thought us to be. We saw through them at last. 
There is no "honour" involved in this Resignation Honours List. It is mainly useful as a list of people never to be trusted. Pity them if you can for they sold their souls for nothing. An over mighty state is a well of corruption because nothing funded by force can be pure. 


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Bill Sticker

So that's the price of a Knighthood nowadays? Allowing for inflation over the last two thousand years. Still around thirty pieces of silver. Well I never.

I love the comment "I'm surprised Larry the cat isn't in there."

James Higham

"It is mainly useful as a list of people never to be trusted."

Therefore a useful list for us.

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