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Crime in London

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The Metropolitan Police crime map makes for interesting viewing, particularly when you drill down to the more specific data. My own manor shows as "Low or no crime" for burglary and violence (hurrah!) but "High" for thefts from vehicles. I am puzzled why that should be, but happy that Speranza has her own secure parking space away from brick-wielding opportunists. 

Overall I live (as do most Londoners) in an area with "average" levels of crime. In fact it's striking just how "average" most of London is. Only one borough – Westminster – suffers "high" levels of crime. Hammersmith & Fulham and Camden are "above average". Only three outer boroughs are "below average". 

The white spot in the middle of the map is the City of London, where the Met's writ does not run. The specialist force there is reputed to be the best in the world at solving complex frauds, but rubbish (as hardly anyone actually lives in the City) at solving burglaries.

The City of London's crime map is here.


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Gotcha. Me neither. :-)


Hi Tom,

I just had a quick look at table P2 the rate of offences in Englans and Wales, I have no access (nor inclination to) download the data into excell, research the populations of each London bough and analyse, but as London tops all the categories of crime, some by a considerable margin, it is quite feasible that London average crime rates compares unfavourably to high rates in other areas.

I'm sure you get the drift of this poorly written complex sentence.


This post is about the London average. Current national statistics can be found here


I resisted the temptation to reference the licensed thieves in their crumbling state housing. The Met's writ very much runs there – I took a tour with an elderly relative last week and they were all over the shop, and very heavily armed with automatic assault weapons.

barnacle bill

Interesting that Westminster features as an area of high crime. I take it that if you delve further there is a particular cold spot located around the Houses of Parliament. As we all know the inhabitants of that august establishment are whiter-than-white!

Or perhaps the Met's writ does not also run there?


What does average mean? London average or National average? If London how does that compare to the National? Crimes per 100,000?

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