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Today is the choice of our lifetime. Does the civilisation that gave the world the Rule of Law, habeas corpus, parliamentary democracy, Shakespeare, the Industrial Revolution and the Life of Brian go on?

Or is it to be subsumed into a Roman Law superstate; a People's Federal Republic of Blah and Meh? Is it to blend gradually into a body politic forged by and in the interests of countries that have never understood it, have always despised it and have never had a higher goal than to see it fall?

Do you care about the wacky distinctiveness, the subjection of men of power to the Rule of Law established at Runnymede, the anti-intellectualism and the aversion to elitism of what my German friends call (revealingly albeit without malice because it's just fine to be them and why wouldn't we be happy to be them too?) "your funny little islands?"

If this vote goes the wrong way I shall never vote again because there will be no point. My democracy will be dead and gone and my civilisation with it.

Please for the love of all our "funny little islands" have given the world ...



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I am all for civic duty Nigel but if we vote Remain British elections will become meaningless as the last brake on ever closer union is removed. The assurances given to Cameron after his pantomime "negotiations" mean nothing as ECU is in the treaties. No party will make the mistake of offering a referendum again. The openness with which the European élites and their fifth columnists here have expressed horror at the stupidity of allowing today's vote makes this clear.

Nigel Sedgwick

Tom writes: "If this vote goes the wrong way I shall never vote again because there will be no point. My democracy will be dead and gone and my civilisation with it."

I beg Tom not to do that. Even if the vote is for the worse (ie Remain), it will almost certainly be by only a very small margin. Thus there will be hope for a future change, in which every vote in every election will be needed.

As an aside, I was very disappointed with the outcome of the AV Referendum of 5 years ago, which was by an almost 2:1 ratio (so a clear view that I cannot dispute). Though that referendum was on a somewhat less important matter, it was still very important. I feel and rationalise that the electorate got it wrong (on and for their own benefit), but that has neither alienated me from those who voted the converse to me, nor from the democratic process.

I believe that every vote counts, every time - and that counts is more than counted.

Best regards


King John renegaded after Runnymede and if in the unlikely event we vote leave I have no doubt that king Cameron and the EU barons will do the same. We will be told to rewrite the Carta and vote again. In the end John was brought to heel lets hope history repeats itself.

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