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Brexit Isn't About Leaving Today's European Union: It's About Not Joining Tomorrow's - Forbes

Brexit Isn't About Leaving Today's European Union: It's About Not Joining Tomorrow's - Forbes.

As the losing side of the referendum won't accept the outcome graciously in the best British traditions, I guess we still need to keep making the point. Tim Worstall does so very well in the linked article.
Our civilisation really would begin to die if there had been "...harmonisation of criminal law...." as they are now proposing. They don't understand (few people in the world do) that the Civil Law and Common Law philosophy of law (our sense of what law is for) is fundamentally different. Most of our people never understood it; they just felt a squirming in their stomach and an urge to clench their fists whenever an official from a Civil Code background spoke to them in a way that makes our very nature rebel.
I for one would not want to be subject to the kind of laws that make it a crime to mock a public official. What other valuable use do such pompous parasitical pricks serve?


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It was (seditious libel)

But now it ain't

But it might be again ....


When - a long time back I discovered what seditious libel was all about - it solved my curiosities about why so many public figures sound like thay want to bring it back...

I see that in Turkey the tool is getting much use and there seem to be many in the upper reaches of EU hierarchy who admire Erdoğan's defence of his dignity....

Simon Bett

it remains a fact the Great Britain has left the EU.


Free peoples need no such encouragement.


Could it not be made a crime not to mock a pompous parasitical public official?


Hear hear.

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