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If you don't disapprove of something that annoys them, the new puritans of the Left will redefine it. Their objective seems to be to warp the language until it's scarcely possible to discuss anything except upon their terms. Redefining "poverty" in relative terms, for example, has meant that nothing but communism could ever eliminate it. We couldn't be sold communism. We didn't think income equality very just. But we can hardly approve of poverty and now every policy proposed that doesn't tend to the misery of communism promotes it! 

We were not overly keen upon mass immigration and wondered with the irritating practicality of people who have to work for a living and manage limited budgets about its impact on overloaded public services and infrastructure. But immigrants tended to be from other cultures and of varying skin tones and so an interest in the topic was redefined as racism and effectively made taboo. 

As Chris Snowden explains in the linked article the SJWs of public health are now seeking to redefine malnutrition in such an absurd way that the over fed of the First World will now be no less malnourished than the hungry of the Third World. It sounds ridiculous now of course but discourse in the economic fairyland of the public sector where money grows on other peoples trees doesn't need to be logical. Once the term has been defined to their satisfaction, those of us distracted by the ever increasing need to work to fund their parasitical lives will hear nothing but that malnutrition is rising and needs more taxes to be fixed. 

They are a cancer. The metaphor is particularly apt in that here is no safe amount of cancer to be left in a system if it is to be healthy and survive.


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