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Time and again journalists interviewing members of the Leave campaign ask "what will Britain look like after Brexit?" If not satisfied with the answer (and as a matter of principle they are never satisfied) they say "How can you ask people to vote for something when they don't know what it will be like?"

These are damaging exchanges for Leave despite the fact that it's a stupid question. It's a classic "Project Fear" tactic; sowing doubt and uncertainty in the minds of voters, most of whom are healthily focussed on living their lives to the full and don't plan to think too hard about this historic decision.

Britain after Brexit will be very different if people vote for Jeremy Corbyn or George Galloway than it will if they vote for Boris Johnson, Michael Gove or even me! All that George Galloway and I have in common is that we believe the future direction of our country — left, right, up, down, forward or backward — should be set by the British people. He would take it in a totalitarian direction. I would take it to the very brink of anarchy, take one step back and stop.

We agree on almost nothing else but that *you* should choose between the available options, not unelected officials in Brussels. There is therefore no logical contradiction when he bangs on about "workers' rights" and I bang on about deregulation. Is that really so hard to get over, because the Leave campaign is signally failing to do so? It's especially disappointing as we don't know how far in any direction the EU will take us if we Remain. Being risk averse makes no difference in this decision because either choice leads to the uncertainty grown ups call "Life".


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For me it is all about sovereignty and self determination too. Do we wish to be an independent nation or part of a totalitarian super state because that is what the EU is. It was designed to be a technocracy which was bound to make it a corrupt dictatorship. Monet recognised that democracy and accountability would never make the vision of a political and economic union become a reality. No doubt he envisaged that one day it would revert to a democracy but it cannot that would doom it to fail. Even in it's present form it is struggling to hold together. So instead of giving up powers it is taking for itself more.

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