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I had just one day at home after my Scotland trip before hitting the road again for my next adventure. I was on my balcony in a jolly mood with a friend after we had shared a bottle or six of good wine one evening a few weeks ago. He was regretting the cancellation of a Bryan Ferry concert at the Albert Hall because Ferry had a sore throat. In my drunken haze I googled the location of Ferry's next performance, logged on to the website, set myself up with an account in a language I can barely speak when sober and bought tickets. The next concert happened to be in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt tonight so that's where I now am.

Luxembourg-1 Luxembourg-2 Luxembourg-3 Luxembourg-4 Luxembourg-5 Luxembourg-6

Yesterday I drove from London to Luxembourg, taking the opportunity to visit an old friend who now lives there and to tick off my first new country for a while. I have shepherded many clients' money through Luxembourg over the years, but have never visited. It's a quiet, cute, Disney-ish little place that takes itself quite seriously but has some public art that looks as though it was made by a certain Belgian cartoonist! Luxembourgish taste tends to the twee, it seems.

On the other hand it has, as befits the EU's centre for the management of tax liabilities (and where it is rumoured  - I am sure scurrilously - a certain French President shelters his family's money from the taxes he introduced) some splendid restaurants and bars. My friend and I took full advantage.

This morning I drove to Wiesbaden and had lunch with lawyers from one of my former client banks, before heading on to Frankfurt and my hotel for this musical night. I had some serious Ferrari moments on the unrestricted sections of autobahn but although driving conditions were perfect there was too much traffic (and too many roadworks breaking up the run) to surpass my personal best of 178mph last year. Maybe tomorrow?

The map of my tour is here.


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