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Cruising Loch Ness at speed

Narrowband with passing places internet

Internet access has been an issue on this trip. Our hotels by Loch Ness and in the Trossachs had it in theory but the photos for my attempted blog posts would not even upload overnight. So let me catch up on the last few days, starting with Monday.

Our first shoot was in Pitlochry; a little town with some interesting architecture. At some point there appears to have been a war to decide who could put the biggest and most ornately pointless spike on their roof, for example. The sun was blazing in uncharacteristic fashion for Scotland which had the educational benefit of forcing us to improvise. Photographers would normally go to the pub when the weather is so - in our terms - bad. Such harsh light does our subject matter no favours.


We then headed to Fort Augustus where we had no sooner put our bags in our rooms than we were off up a hillside with a local bagpiper, Colin, in tow. We occupied a road, using our bus as a "flag" to screen the harsh sunlight and setting up a studio flash with a huge white shoot-through umbrella. Joe McNally, our famous teacher, talked us through the set up and then gave us the flash controller so we could all have a turn. The results inspired confidence and gave us a goal for the week - to make all our shots look so good. The outing also introduced the Scotland-newbies on the trip to the downside of all this wild beauty; midges.

While all this was being set up, I had a chat with a rather bemused Colin. He was clearly not accustomed to being told he had an "awesome" face by famous American photographers, though apparently such modelling assignments are a regular source of income for bagpipers. His expression in most of the shots rather nicely indicates his sceptical attitude, but I was rewarded for our conversation by (if you can believe it) a slightly less dour expression.

I am busy shooting (and having my shots critiqued) until late today but will try to catch up with blogging tonight after a few wee drams.

The map of my tour is here and I will set up a page with more photos later.