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My journey is almost screwed up

We stayed one night at Culcreuch. The next morning  we had a tour planned at Glengoyne Distillery. However I had a problem. I had noticed the pressure was down in one of Speranza's rear tyres at the beginning of my tour and had put in some air on Wednesday. On Thursday morning as I prepared to set off to the distillery however, I noticed it was almost half deflated. I drove gently to the nearest petrol station, which fortunately had a repair shop. The young man there tested the valve, put in some air for me and gave me directions to SMS Stirling. This was fifteen miles away but the pressure held for that distance.

The guys at SMS were friendly and helpful. Within 15 minutes the tyre was off and a two-inch screw removed from the treads. They attempted a repair but the damage was too severe. Naturally, they had no stocks of Speranza's specialist dancing shoes but could order one for Friday morning. 

SMS - 1
However the boss there came up with a better idea. He remembered they had recently put a complete set of new tyres on the Ferrari California of one of the directors of Celtic Football Club. They had kept the old tyres knowing that there is no spare in the car and thinking they might come in handy as short term replacements. One of these - still legal and with plenty of tread to get me home - was duly produced. All this work for the cost of a couple of lattes in London!

I am visiting my parents in North Wales on the way back to London. I called my dad who went to the local tyre specialists and placed an order for me. That tyre will be fitted on Monday. This was a remarkably good outcome. Any issues with supercars and their specialist parts usually involve them being trailered away! I recommend SMS Stirling to you with a glad heart. They could easily have sold me a new tyre at greater profit to themselves. Instead they focussed on getting me out of my predicament and I am very grateful.

We caught up with the group at the distillery in time to watch Joe do a publicity shot for them of their senior still man, Duncan who has completed 39 years of service with them. You can see a photo of them together here and no doubt the portrait will appear at the distillery's website in due course.

From here it was back to Edinburgh to dine and rest before the final two days of our course. The map of my tour is here and my photos are here. Forgive me that there are still many rejects to be eliminated on that page. I will get around to it when I have more leisure!


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