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Glencoe, Callendar and Culcreuch Castle

Cruising Loch Ness at speed

On Tuesday we were still in Fort Augustus and faced our first critiques. Joe McNally is a nice guy but unapologetically channels the New York photo editors of his youth on these occasions. I am not complaining. It's very largely what we are paying for on this workshop. He can - and does - offer advice and do demonstrations but there is far more to be learned from his critical observations on our photographs so I looked forward to the critique with a nervous eagerness. It turned out not to be so bad. He made constructive observations on most of my shots and really liked the portrait of Colin the bagpiper I posted yesterday.

At lunchtime we wandered Fort Augustus on a quest to photograph "a face in a place", which was our assignment for the day. I asked Becky, a waitress in the cafe where I had lunch, if I could photograph her at work and she kindly consented.

Loch Ness-1 Steven3a-3

In the afternoon our group divided into two. One group cruised Loch Ness in a comfortable boat with a cabin. The more hardy of us went out on a large inflatable that sped across the loch, occasionally becoming airborne. It was a brilliant experience but a photographic challenge. I had thought a wide angle lens would result in shots that were mostly water so I took my telephoto zoom. It was hard to hold that steady on our fairground ride of a "cruise". The shots here are of our party out on the "soft" boat and of Joe McNally on the bridge of the "hard" boat.

Our experiences on the water brought our group together though and the day ended with a fun evening in the hotel restaurant.

The map of my trip is here and more photos are here.