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Met PC's political smear

BBC News - 'Plebgate' affair: Met PC admits misconduct.

I hold no brief for the Conservative & Unionist Party, but I can't help feeling it has been mistreated by its fellow vile socialist front; the BBC. The Beeb pushed the 'plebgate' meme relentlessly. Its squadrons of Marxist comedians used it at enormous length to portray the Conservative Party as condescending snobs.
Now the policeman who made up the damaging story has confessed that it was all lies, the BBC's website reports it blandly as unadorned news, without apologies or corrections for its exuberant exploitation of his crime. Perhaps those will follow? Don't hold your breath.
As a student of the art of loaded language, I find the linked three paragraphs impressive. The damning 'plebgate" handle, now revealed to have been nothing more than a political smear, is the first word in the headline and is repeated for good measure in the first paragraph. Let's not forget to rub in the damaging idea that a Tory cabinet minister called policemen 'plebs' even as we report it was a lie, eh?
As to snobbery and condescension, it is the BBC that talks down to us every single day. Its editorial tone is that of a bossy primary school teacher patiently explaining proper behaviour to badly-brought up children. If anyone sneers at us, it is our state broadcaster. It will re-run HIGNFY and other shows featuring the pleb smear for year after year, while the linked paragraphs will disappear into the obscurest recesses of the web.
Tell me again; why does a free nation need a state broadcaster funded by force?