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Getting into the Christmas spirit


I am finding it hard this year. Cards are unwritten, presents unbought or at best not wrapped. But this video helped, as well as bringing back happy memories of driving the Fiorano circuit on my training course last year.

Whatever you do, don't try this at home girls and boys. Remember that only Ferrari team members and Santa look good in red trousers.

Fashion police take urgent action


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So noted. If you are still working near the second largest Coliseum in the Roman Empire, might I at least buy you a festive lunchtime pint on Friday 13th? Day of ill omen I know, but that's the day I'm there. Email if free and interested. I bought the rest of my presents today so just have to face up to the wrapping...

james higham

Tom, I'm simply not doing it this year. No pressies in, none out. Maybe the occasional card.

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