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Power crazed head teacher threatens to label 8-year olds racists if their parents fail to follow her orders

School children as young as 8 told they would be labelled 'racist' for missing school trip - Telegraph.

Click to enlarge and marvel at the arrogance of the state's servants

When I tell my friends abroad about life in modern Britain, they think I exaggerate. This story illustrates just how far our country has strayed from the path of freedom. How could any service provider think she had the right to use such words to her customers? How can such threats be consistent with a 'free' society?

This woman Small appears to be a zealot with no sense of proportion. Or perhaps we should imagine her under such severe private pressures from her superiors that she genuinely felt compelled to issue such threats?
She has been now been told to withdraw the 'racial discrimination note' warning because the parents have stood up to her. Yet how can she be trusted, when the press furore dies down, not to make good on her threats? How for that matter can we continue to trust the zealots of the education Industry with our childrens' tender minds?
Education is a service provided to parents. Their views on matters of faith and conscience should be respected. It should, above all, be about opening young minds, not closing them.