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The Paul Flowers affair confirms it: 2015 will be a dirty election | Jonathan Freedland | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Here's a simple thought experiment for all leftists feeling aggrieved at the 'smear' that crystal meth user Paul Flowers, late of the Co-op Bank (lender to the Labour Party and donor to Ed Balls) is one of their own. What if he had been a lifelong Tory? What if his bank funded the Conservative Party and made donations to George Osborne? What if he had been doing lines of coke at Barclays, rather than meth at the Co-op? What would you be saying now?

All arms of the Labour 'movement' (including the Co-op, which co-founded the Labour Party) have been smearing and denigrating political opponents since the party's creation. Consider Nye Bevan's characterisation of Conservatives as "lower than vermin." Consider the vicious, misogynistic way in which they spoke of Margaret Thatcher. Consider the constant references to the behaviour of current Cabinet members as young men in the entirely frivolous Bullingdon Club, while laughing off the involvement in their youth of prominent Labour men with the British Communist Party; an organisation actively engaged in treason.

The Labour Party is an organisation founded on hatred and dedicated to expropriation by force (under the euphemism of 'redistribution'). It has no right to complain at full use being made of the exposure of one of its own for what many of them are; hypocrites on the make.