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Of selfishness
Work, apparently, is not the answer. Is it idleness then?

Where are Reuters when corrupt officials cripple India?

This fawning piece lavishes praise on Indian bureaucrats - the country's 'best and brightest' - for their response to Cyclone Phailin. Perhaps they even deserve it.

Yet India's potential is wilfully and systematically damaged every day by official corruption; corruption that is the key story in the world's greatest democracy. I do appreciate that journalists can't tell that story quite so easily. It would certainly take more work than calling government offices and lazily listening to officials praise themselves.

Even then, the true masters of India inadvertently reveal their true colours. One official is quoted as saying;

Those who were not willing (to be evacuated), I was telling the local official to use force, because the rules permit that.

So adults said they would prefer (for whatever reason) to stay put and take their chances with the cyclone, but were dragged away violently for their own protection. The official openly boasts of this assault and the uncritical journalist reports it as a positive. After all it was within 'the rules' and what else matters?

It sounds like these officials did a reasonable job on this occasion and of course I am delighted the fatalities were so few, but I still doubt their credentials as 'public servants' and their understanding of ethical concepts.