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BBC News - Huhne: Speeding story was 'payback' for criticism of Murdoch press.

Chris Huhne demonstrates once again that anyone who wants to join the Westminster Club is not fit to be a member. Note the Huhne-centric view of the Universe here. Note the astonishing sense of self-importance. He committed a crime. He involved his wife. He lied about it consistently. He made his own son hate him with his selfish, dishonest behaviour. He was caught out and mild justice was administered. Yet all of this was not his fault. It was all about him though, in that it was a wicked conspiracy by his political foes to bring him down from the dizzy lows of Lib-Demmery. 

Please apply palm to face and repeat after me: 'Only vain, wicked people want a job taking others' money by force to spend on buying votes'


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Well the "man" has no shame for sure, offering an excuse like that would make a normal person just curl up and die with embarrasment. Dosn't he sound just a bit like a person explaining why they were held down, never made it big and have to live off the state? M

Maybe politicians ought to be picked by some process like jury service...


His piece in The Guardian's even worse:

Not only does he refuse to take responsibility for his actions, he claims "media ownership must be more diverse", and "if competition policy is not enough, then we should have statutory limitations or even help for small media outfits".

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