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One, two, three, what are we fighting for?

I am not a pacifist. There is such a thing as legitimate self-defence. However we are not currently threatened in any serious way by anyone in Syria. Quite the contrary, as Perry de Havilland explains over at Samizdata

Some people want to intervene in Syria to stop Al Qaeda backed people and Hezbollah backed people killing each other.


 I have a better idea… sell ammunition to both sides.


Country Joe and the Fish provide the best marching song for the upcoming Syrian War; the latest attempt by our effete rulers to prove their machismo. They will do it in their usual style by shedding the blood of far better men than themselves from a very safe distance.

h/t The View from Cullingworth


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So, let me see if I have this straight.

The Syrian civil war has been grinding along for a couple of years, lots of death, lots of disruption but no major concern from outside governments.Eventually the do-gooders get involved building future slums for the displaced, still no outrage. Then SamCam is invited by Save the Cheeeldren to visit, she comes home and demands that something must be done, because we all know ex-art students have a firm grasp on international politics and she has now studied this problem in depth. Suddenly Syria is of prime importance.

Forgive my cynicism, beheaded christian preachers were not a problem, animalistic moslems eating the liver of a Syrian soldier was not a problem, an over-wrought prime ministers spouse is a problem, its her Diana-and-the-mines moment

I have an idea, lets leave this to the UK and France, who after all seem to be the most outraged. Lets see what they can achieve-no NATO, no USA, nobody else, lets leave these faded empires to do their worst so that the world can laugh at their futility.

My prediction is that not one popgun will be fired, France and especially UK will learn a valuable lesson, and the Syrians can continue to resolve their internal conflict. And PM dim-moron will likely be out of a job.

Richard Carey

I see I am not the only one to whom that particular song came to mind this week.

james higham

I think almost all of us plebs agree with this. Pity iDave doesn't.


Well, Dave has now got more egg on his face than Coco the Clown after a custard pie fight!

And all those brownie points he was going to get from Obama for making the UK be the leading idiot have evaporated!

An object lesson for him in not promising what he can't deliver. Not that it will a lesson learned, of course.

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