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My enemy's enemy is my friend - at least for now

BBC News - David Miranda 'feels invaded' after password disclosure.

For once, civil libertarians in Britain have had a spot of luck. Can you imagine what the coverage of this incident would be like if News International journalists were involved? Or if data had been seized in this outrageous manner from a political blogger? 

The BBC is a consistent opponent of free speech. Remember Leveson? It consistently span in favour of New Labour's trampling on liberty under the pretext of "anti-terrorism". It consistently sneers at bloggers who criticise and try to expose the malign behaviours of social democratic governments. Yet here it is inadvertently reporting objectively on the effects of its own authoritarian astroturfing. 

Let's be careful not to gloat too much, or visibly to enjoy the discomfiture of the Leftists as they are hoist by their own petard. They may be demons doing the Lord's work by accident, but their unaccustomed behaviour should be cheered. Nor should we miss the opportunity to link to BBC or Guardian pieces persuasive to the muddled masses who trust Auntie Beeb - even if we normally only link to them for fisking.