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Kill me. Just kill me now.

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 16.34.39Or alternatively, head over to The Guardian's "Comment is Free" section to vote for sanity in the face of this madness.

Having recently attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed and having heard reports from relatives who visited CarFest last weekend - not to mention the popularity of Top Gear with everyone worthy of the name of Briton - I don't think the LibDems could be more out of sync than this. They clearly hanker for the irresponsible joys of political oblivion.

Here's a fact for the benefit of any politicians who like winning elections. We love our cars. We love them far more than we love you. You will have to prise our steering wheels from our cold, dead hands.

I began by being annoyed by this latest assault on liberty and civilisation, but I am actually quite delighted on reflection. Sadly I cannot trust my fellow citizens to rise in defence of habeas corpus, but this is quite another matter. Keep it up, Guardianisti.


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james higham

Should the country be banned while we're at it?


As if the Lib Dems would ever find themselves in a majority. They've peaked and it'll be downhill from now on. Same goes for the Guardian.


The limpdems are welcome to their showboating. By next spring when the full affects of Britain's disastrous energy policies are evident to all bill-payers and another few hundred pensioners have died from lack of heat the backlash will get going.

There is absolutely no point arguing these points logically or scientifically, the public is not interested, it only becomes interested when their pockets are visibly being picked by evil rent-seeking "corporations" carrying out the governments disastrous policies. So a full winter of costly diesel generator backup infeeds to the grid should do it.

As for banning petroleum driven cars that is just another of th watermelon's dreams, and will be just as disruptive as bike lanes, windmills and ten different kinds of garbage cans. So I predict the limpdems will stick with the policy in the hope of attracting support from green voters, they are that desperate.

Not unrelated, and good for a chuckle google Hydrogen highway, a costly nonsense we tried in BC during the Olympics. Its the kind of wasteful nonsense Clegg would have you believe is the future of driving.


I voted, but it didn't make any difference.. Isn't that a story for our times ^_^

How would you drive to, say Devon from London, with an electric car? It wouldn't make it on one charge. would you string up wires over the road like dodge-em cars?

Why low energy vehicles, what is wrong with using hydrogen?

What about veteran cars?

Do they want to force peole to use trains? what's the term? "Swivel eyed (towney) loons"?

Tho personally I wouldn't mind one of those cars that drives themselves, an electronic chauffeur and I could read a book or chat on the phone while stuck in traffic ^_^ no I do't do that already.


I suggest you come with me to the Goodwood Festival of Speed next year. Thousands of happy, normal, decent people in love with the internal combustion engine having a great time. As for the envious sneering, my first car cost £80 and I loved her as much as my Ferrari. In fact I have plans to buy her back if I can acquire a garage near my home to keep her in. Attitudes to cars are a good litmus test for joy in life. I have rarely met an A-B merchant who was any fun to be with.




"We love our cars". Actually most of us detest driving. It's a boring, stressful chore and by far the most dangerous thing we do every day. Most people don't drive a Maserati, but a £5-10k runabout.

Anyway. They aren't really planning to ban cars at all. My take on this story's here.


The unfortunate thing is that whilst the Lib/Dems might be proposing this in public the remainder of our political elites are seeking to do this by stealth.


The perennial threats of road pricing and tracking devices seem to have been put on the back burner for the time being.

As for banning private cars... that would be genuine electoral suicide, let's hope the left grasps it with both hands.

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