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Kill me. Just kill me now.

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 16.34.39Or alternatively, head over to The Guardian's "Comment is Free" section to vote for sanity in the face of this madness.

Having recently attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed and having heard reports from relatives who visited CarFest last weekend - not to mention the popularity of Top Gear with everyone worthy of the name of Briton - I don't think the LibDems could be more out of sync than this. They clearly hanker for the irresponsible joys of political oblivion.

Here's a fact for the benefit of any politicians who like winning elections. We love our cars. We love them far more than we love you. You will have to prise our steering wheels from our cold, dead hands.

I began by being annoyed by this latest assault on liberty and civilisation, but I am actually quite delighted on reflection. Sadly I cannot trust my fellow citizens to rise in defence of habeas corpus, but this is quite another matter. Keep it up, Guardianisti.