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Missing comments - an apology

I have been looking into the complaints about missing comments and the error was mine. They were simply held up in my spam filter. Please accept my apologies. As a long-standing user of the Typepad platform, I should have been better aware of how it works.

Please click on the email link in the sidebar to let me know if you have such problems in future.  I promise that I will liberate your words of wisdom as rapidly as I can. I shall also be checking the filter every 48 hours. 


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Thank you for freeing me from Typepad spam jail, the constant diet of spam while incarcerated would only be welcomed by Hawaiians (which I am not). It would be useful to know what terminology Typepad found offensive so that I could avoid it in future.

BTW the UK debt clock recently tipped over GBP 1.2 trillion-hoorah for government "restraint". That would buy a lot of wartime restraint spam.


I can see this comment fine.


I have made a comment (twice) on the current post, using Firefox. Nothing is visible to me to confirm this.

Feel free to delete any duplications or this comment if it is in error.

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