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Democracy, the State and Libertarianism

Democracy, the State and Libertarianism :: A Very British Dude.

I commend this post to you. Jackart and I don't agree on everything - he's far too anti-automobile for us ever to be buddies - but he writes good, practical sense here. While I take the view that the state is such a flawed concept that its use must be kept to a minimum - his consequentialist approach is much more likely to appeal to voters afraid of the unknown. Indeed, I am not at all sure why he would label his middle-of-the-road views as "libertarian"; given how much opprobrium that word attracts!

He and I could agree, for example, on moving to the model of state-funded health care he proposes - essentially that currently used in France. He might regard that as his final objective. I would regard it as a step on the road to freedom. His only problem with being allied with me is that the defenders of the lethally-Soviet NHS might accuse him of being secretly on the same road as me. Frankly they have already proved that they will lie, cheat and desecrate graves in its defence, so I can't see that's a huge problem.

Our state is so powerful and invasive at present that an alliance could easily be built across the whole political spectrum - including more reasonable members of the Left. Jackart is certainly right that there's no point in purists fantasising about a libertarian utopia. Our freedoms have been lost yard by yard. We will be lucky to win them back inch by inch.