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Not a fun run, but effective
I completed my objectives for today. I revisited two states (Louisiana and Mississippi) that I have already checked off my list. I had a look at the Gulf of Mexico from the seafront at Biloxi and now I am holed up in my hotel room, plotting and scheming for tomorrow and the few days left. I realised that my revised routing missed Kentucky and have added it back in!

I have some plans to shave miles off my itinerary by diverting only briefly tomorrow to cross the state line between Alabama and Florida. I have been to Florida before - indeed I have spent longer there than anywhere in the States, so I feel a token visit will suffice.

The highlight of today was some excellent Cajun catfish at an uninspiring-looking restaurant in Rayne, LA. My satnav had suggested one nearby, which turned out to be a drive-through. It might have been possible to eat in there (and I see from the 'net that it has rave reviews) but before I could find a parking space there, I had spotted the other place just across the way.

It was clearly set up for Interstate traffic, but the customers seemed all to be both locals and regulars. Although the local accent now seems familiar from watching "True Blood" - it seems the actors in that show were merely toying with us. I found more difficulty in communication than anywhere else on the tour!

I gave up asking for the wi-fi password, having failed to understand the answer twice and noting the look of incredulity on the waitress's face that I didn't recognise what was obviously a common word! I still have not the slightest clue what she was saying.

The drive wasn't quite as much fun today as the roads were very busy, but Speranza performed superbly. Boating is obviously a big deal in these parts and on a sunny Saturday craft were being towed in all directions. One lost an unsecured jerry can of petrol overboard on the Interstate just in front of me but I was able to swerve around it. I watched others do likewise in my rear view mirror as I pulled to safety in front of the offending driver. He seemed entirely oblivious that he had just dropped a petrol bomb on his neighbours.